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The World's Greatest British Sports Car Company
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TRFCC Benefits

Here is what you get when you join The TRF Car Club...

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You receive all of the above and much more when you join The TRF Car Club. Dues are $100.00 per year. Please print the Membership Registration Form and send it to us by mail, or by fax today.  You can join TRF Car Club by using this link or call 1-800-234-1104.

Current TRF Car Club Special

$10 Shipping on orders over $50*Free Shipping on Orders over $300**Does not apply to oversize packages or orders shipping outside the lower 48 states.Take an extra 10% off of your order of $700 or more.

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TRFCC Origins

The Roadster Factory is the premier British sports car company in North America because it has always been run, more or less, as a club of enthusiasts who know that a classic British sports car is an essential accessory for their way of life. The life dates to World War II when U.S. servicemen saw pre–war MG's parked outside RAF airfields while their owners flew Spitfire fighter planes in deadly combat against a foreign enemy that would invade their green and peaceful homeland.

This romantic image translated into the 1950's and 1960's when many of The Roadster Factory's customers came of age in America. American G.I.'s had brought the MG's and Triumphs home from England after the war, and they had transported the associated lifestyle to American race tracks and to American college campuses. A British sports car was an automobile that you could drive to work all week and then take racing on the weekends, and this was done in many parts of the U.S. throughout the 1950's and 1960's in places like Southern California, Long Island, New York, New England, The Southeast, and the Southwest. What a wonderful time to live!

This writer remembers college in the 1960's. A small town with white–painted houses and tree-lined streets. TR3's and MGA's parked outside a place called Lefty Raymond's College Inn. Sorority girls in plaid kilts and knee socks. Guys wore Bass Weejuns, blue jeans, khaki pants, Gant shirts, and Baracuta jackets then. Do you remember Clark's desert boots? Many of us dated and married the long–haired girls who wore those plaid skirts with shetland sweaters when they rode in our noisey cars with the leather seats on the seemingly endless golden autumn afternoons of our youth.

Do you remember those days with their blue skies full of fluffy clouds and their long frosty evenings when you had better things to do than to study for a physics test? Did you have a sports car then? This writer did not, but I yearned for one as I rode with my friends. Eventually, I found a very rusty TR3 that I could afford, and it was everything I knew it would be as I drove it through the mountains of springtime on my way to work at my first job.

If your blood races in your veins as you recreate your versions of the details described in the paragraphs above, then you have either kept your original British car, you have acquired a replacment for it, or you are yearning again for a British car just as you and I did as teenagers. By the way, did you read a book called "The Red Car" when you were a kid? I did, and I have friends who grew up when I did who remember it too. It was about this kid who fell in love with an MG–TC just as I fell in love with my TR3...

If you've read this far, you should support The Roadster Factory, join The TRF Car Club. The Roadster Factory has been "keeping the faith" with Triumph and MG sports cars for over twenty years, and we welcome you to join us. You don't have to join the club to buy your parts from The Roadster Factory, but joining the club will help The Roadster Factory to carry on its work of promoting the British car hobby and of maintaining the supply of critical parts.

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